Why does borrowing against wine make sense?

Most wine collectors don't want to simply liquidate a collection that took years of painstaking work to build.  WineCredit allows collectors access to the inherent value of their collection without breaking it apart, as well as avoiding the transaction costs of selling.  Historically low global interest rates, logistical simplicity, minimal paperwork, and total discretion combine to make a loan a great solution for almost any funding need.  

Why hasn’t wine lending existed before?

Traditional lenders lack the expertise to accept wine as collateral.  As avid collectors and longtime participants in the wine industry, we know the fine wine world inside out.  

Why choose WineCredit?

WineCredit is the only secured lender solely focused on wine.  Our knowledge of the industry allows us to accept the widest possible range of collateral, in turn providing clients the most flexible solutions.  We are also the only personal asset backed lender which does NOT operate on the pawnshop model-- huge interest rates, defaults, and loss of property.